mercredi 14 mai 2008

Who lives in the garden ? Qui vit dans mon jardin ?

Today after the dinner I went in the garden for my daily nut. Après le dîner je suis sortie au jardin pour ma noix quotidienne...miam miam...
...and I saw this .... et j'ai vu ça....J'ai aboyé jusqu'à ce que Véronique me présente le nouvel habitant du jardin...I barked until Véronique introduce me to the new inhabitant of the garden...Il est beau mais pas très is nice but doesn't want to play with me.....It doesn't is time to brush my teeth....Ce n'est pas est l'heure de me brosser les dents.....

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Phébus a dit…

Il est trop génial ce nouvel habitant de ton jardin !! grosses papouilles...

BenTheRotti a dit…

How did the Loch Ness Monster get in your garden!! You are so brave to go say hello!!

I love your toothbrush, Mine goes over my mums finger.. I think she just likes sticking her fingers in my mouth!!

I don't get treats for posing! Maybe I should start demanding some!!

Ben xxxxxxxxxxx

Deetz a dit…

Thats Asta's favorite color...and it would match my new Collar.....I like the new garden creature

Maggie & Mitch a dit…

How neat that Nessie is in your garden, Faya! He was in our pond not long ago! He sure gets around, doesn't he?! hehehehe

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Gus a dit…

I love the orange sea monster
He looks a friendly sort
An outgoing orangey fellow
With dogs in every port.

But careful please, sweet Faya
Don't give your heart away
He may be orange and handsome
But he just wants to play.

So have a great time sweetheart
And play with Nessie too
But keep your blogging sweethearts
Cause Faya we love you


Willow the Black Dale a dit…

Faya you are the bravest airegirl I know. You rule that orange garden creature. It knows that the garden is yours!!! It sure is nice of you to share. Are going to let it stay all summer?
Nose pokes,

Lorenza a dit…

Hi, Faya!
That monster looks interesting! You are so brave! I'd be scared if I saw one of those!
I don't like toothbrushes! And my mom insists in using them!
Kisses and hugs

Snowball a dit…

Faya, I bet you will find the pointed tail of the new garden monster interesting. How long will it take for you to chew it up? Remember to update us on that.

Peesss: I wonder why your package isn't here yet. I hope its not lost. It has been a long time.


Amber-Mae a dit…

Oh no, Loch Ness Monster is living in your garden now? He looks friendly though...Those look like Walnuts.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Girl Girl Hamster a dit…

Is that a new toy. It looks very friendly. I wish it wants to play.

~ Girl girl

Nini Pixel a dit…

ohhh c'est génial....
je veux le même....
vite vite viteeeeeeeeeeeee

Nelly a dit…

YYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, mais c'est Jura- sic- parc, au secours, Robin des Bois,Indianamachin, oo7, venez vite, Bienne A besoin de vous.Trop jôli et très drôle.As-tu reçu ma babillarde? Bisous.

Mr. T-Bone Beasley a dit…

Did you get to dig the holes for the monster that is living in your garden? Or he is there to cover up the holes you already made! I have a tooth brushing treat too! Mine is round though...and it tastes like filet mignon! Hehehehe! My human is sending out your package today! Woohoo!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Deetz a dit…

My Mum wants to know where to find one of those monsters for her moves through the dirt really well, doesn't leave a track or nothing.

Agatha and Archie a dit…

This looks like the snake I saw!! Only mine wasn't orange,or that big,Be carefull Faya!!!!! Love and kisses A+A

JB's Big World a dit…

My mom wanted to come by to see what was happening with you in Switzerland. Wow, a toothbrush? My mom says I need that bad!

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place a dit…

Oh Faya...we love when you say miam miam...we think it's so much more expressive than when Scruffy burps (or worse!!!) Can you pee mail Mumsie so she can send ur our you really mean you could send us our very own piggie?????

OH Faya...that is sooooooooooooooo sweet of you!!!!

That garden creature is um...attractive...does he date???

Scruffy would probably pee on him. But then, Scruffy peed on Babystan's leg the other day...he was too lazy to walk to a tree. See what I have to live with???

Mumsie's pee mail address is:

Thanks Sweet Faya...!!!!

Are ya comin' to Putter and Willow's pawty this weekend???


Stanley a dit…


Is it your very own Loch Ness Goober!?? If it is, don't worry. He is a really shy and gentle creature. All you have to do to appease him and make friends is give him lots of snuggles, share your bones, and pee on him.

I bet he's actually VERY excited to be in YOUR garden.

You brush your teeth? Aren't your bones the best tooth brushers in the world?

Goober love & smooches,

Thor a dit…

A monster in your garden? You are so brave, Faya!