jeudi 22 janvier 2009

....and more videos.....

Do you want more "ohhhh...iiiihhhhh" ? Here we go !

Vous voulez encore des "ohhhhh....iiiieuuu" ? En voici !



20 commentaires:

Snowball a dit…

You 2 play so quietly. I tends to bark and growl when I play.


Gus a dit…

Hi Faya and Dyos...we must confirm Snowie's comment! We are much louder when we play!!! Muzzer says it sounds like a traffic jam in NYC, with lots of taxis (that's me) and a few mopeds (that's Teka!)


Molly and Taffy a dit…

Gosh Faya, you should hear Taffy playing with me. It always sounds as if he is trying to murder me!

Molly xx

Josh and Jess a dit…

Amazing how quietly you play!!! You should hear the noise when the two of us get together :)

Simba a dit…

I agree, you are very quiet.

Simba x

Mason Dixie a dit…

What great fun. I snarl when I am playing, not very noisy. =)

Maggie and Mitch a dit…

I used to gnaw on Mitch like that when he was small but not any more! hehehehe

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

The FOUR Musketeers a dit…

Looks like you two have lots of fun quietly ! Unlike me & Joyce ! NOISY ! BOL !

Lorenza a dit…

Hi, Faya and Dyos!
You two were playing a lazy bitey face game!
Kisses and hugs

Scottie the 'cutie' a dit… both play so well together!! And yes, very quiet too...I think Colin plays rougher than Dyos. He likes to get me to chase him and play rough like that. We're quite the noisy bunch! LOL! Hope you have a great day!


Bae Bae a dit…

Oh you 2 are playing kissy face. That's so sweet

~ Bae

Nelly a dit…

Oui, alors à mardi. Dyos tu es entrain d'user Faya. Et troumelettes et retroumelettes.Pas 1 minute. Bisous et baume tranquille.

Stella a dit…


It looks like Dyos is trying to clean your teeth in the first video, Faya. In the second one, he just looks like he'd be willing to lie there an snuggle with you if you didn't want to chew on him!

Our girl could use a day or two of your type of playing. She says we sound like we're going to kill each other when we wrassle. We're VERY NOISy pups! You two play so sweetly, it's hard to believe.

We'll try to show a video of us playing so you can compare. It's amazing how different each pup is.

Goobery love & kissies to you both,
Stella Bean Latifah

Taky a dit…

Vous êtes trop choux les 2 ...

encore une nuit ... et je suis avec vous ...

J'en peu plus d'attendre ...

Grosse léchouille

Noah the Airedale a dit…

Oh you two play so nicely. Lucy & Tess are crazy when they play. I think Willow would like to play with you.


Mr. T-Bone Beasley a dit…

FAYA!!!! Hello my beautiful Airedale friend! I'm back! Well, hopefully I will be back soon!

I've missed you! I could never forget you! I think about you like every day! Ahhhhh to play some bitey face with you...

My human has kept me really busy lately. I've turned into a hiking dude! And guess what!!! I'm 1 now! Me and my human had a birthday together, and now I'm like a for real big boy now...even though I still squat to pee!

Slurps and more slurps to you!
Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Asta a dit…

Ce'st jamais enuff..I could watch you deux all jouw long, heheh
Faya , you and dyos awe pwecious!
smoochie kisses

Persephone and Buster a dit…

Trop mignon! Comme deux petits pois dans une cosse.

Avez-vous eu de la neige fraîche de cette grosse tempête d'hiver?


Sephie, Buster & Bailey

Jane M. & Jade a dit…

Oh how you do it so quietly? When Lassi was alive we played very noisy games!!!
Now I'm very quiet girl cause I'm all alone....Except that little mouse, so I better go and see how he is doing...

Have a nice Sunday and lots of kerrykisses!


alerts a dit…