lundi 9 février 2009

Un beau week-end ... a nice week-end !

Nous avons eu un beau week-end plein de ça..... We had a nice week-end with a lot of this :And this :
Et de ça :
And, as you can see, I did a lot of, comme vous pouvez le constater, j'ai fait du jardinage....Ah oui, l'Homme a un nouveau jouet qu'il a testé ce week-end....The Man received a new camera and he tryed it this week-end....

(comme vous le voyez dans la video ci-dessus, Véronique n'utilise PAS ses béquilles et elle devrait...)
(As you can see on this first video, Véronique don't use her "crutches" ... and she should....)

And the programm for this week is this :
Ca, c'est le programme de la semaine....

12 commentaires:

Stanley a dit…

I LOVE your videos! In the 3rd video Dyos looks like he's flying there for a second or two when he launches himself off of the couch. It looks like he was trying to land on your booty.

You know, Dyos sounds an awful lot like Stella when he wrassles. She makes those same funny noises. And, I could have predicted that Dyos was going to jump up on the couch and go for the camera when I saw him notice that the MAN was filming him. Who won that fight? Looks to me like maybe Dyos did!

Have a good week and tell Gooberique to use her crutches or no more goober smooches for HER!

Goober love & smooches,

Gus a dit…

OK..we are joining your program for the week. Please tell us where to go to sign up!


pee ess...muzzer wants a new camera VERY bad. She is jealous.


Stanislaw a dit…

You make some seriously awesome growly play sounds. Man... I wish my bro were that cool and he'd play nice with me!

Simba and Jazzi a dit…

We love playing bitey face together. Looks like you got a few naps in too.

Simba and Jazzi xx

Bogart a dit…

Two terriers wrassling - precious!!! And when Dyos flies at the end... AWESOME!!!


Anonyme a dit…

Great videos! I love them and I think I'm going to watch them couple times again!
Yes I will also pray for Bailey!

Lots of kerrykisses


Mason Dixie a dit…

I need a nap now, you wore me out. =)

Jake of Florida a dit…

We missed so much while Mom had us in exile: Your surgery. The anniversary of your "rebirth". The walkies with l'HOMME...

But we read all of your latest blogs so we could catch up and now we want to send you lots and lots of bisous!!!!

Jake and Just Harry

Molly and Taffy a dit…

We have really enjoyed watching your videos, in fact we watched them all several times.

Oh we do wish we could come and play with you, it would be so much fun.

Molly and Taffy

Anonyme a dit…

First off, Thank You for your get well wishes/kisses for my (Ruis) doggy sister Taylor!! Thanks to all Asta's friends she is doing a little bit better -- I will post about her again later this week.

Well and then we must say that you have a wonderful blog! We enjoyed the photos and videos very much!! We also have a terrier mix and saw (and heard) a lot of likeness in behaviour. :-)

Headbutts from us,
~ Karl & Ruis and Doggy kisses from Taylor & Buzzer

Lorenza a dit…

Hi, Faya and Dyos!
You need to have a serious talk with Veronique about using her crutches!
I liked the videos!
The one where Dyos wanted to come close made me laugh a lot!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Bae Bae a dit…

You 2 look so cute in the videos. Take good care of Veronique ok. ;)

~ Bae