samedi 14 novembre 2009

For Miss Snickers

Before you read

we ask you to help spread this message

as quickly and as fas as you can

so as many dogs and cats and families

as possible

can read it in prior to 5:00 PM, Saturday, 14 Nov 09, Iowa time,

copy it

paste it

Link to it


Just please help us get the message out.

7 commentaires:

Nelly a dit…

Je n'ai pas compris, mais pense savoir qu'il y a de la détresse et du chagrin, intervenu ou à venir.

Maggie and Mitch a dit…

We're in too, Faya and Dyos!
Stop by our blog when you get a chance! You guys are winners!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Gus a dit…

We will be listening for you guys to yodel from the mountaintop!


(only teasing, the front porch will be fine.)

TwoSpecialWires a dit…

We'll be listening for you! Thanks for spreading the word!

Jake and Fergi xxoo

Asta a dit…

Sweet Fay aand Deawest Dyos
We will all be holding paws all ovew the wowld and thinking ouw healing thoughts and sending ouw kisses at the same time ovew the bweeze to Snickews. I know it will help
Thank you fow youw help
smoochie bisous

Lorenza a dit…

We did it too!
I hope Snickers get better soon!
Kisses and hugs

Brownie a dit…

mince.... ma mamman ne m'a pas laisse sur l'ordinateur et j'ai completement rate la priere pour snickers! Mais je continue a penser a elle...