mardi 7 octobre 2008

My beautiful Sunday !

Sunday we went to Taky's vineyard through the village of Miège where she lives......
Dimanche on a traversé le village de Miège pour aller jusqu'à la vigne de Taky....
It is a very nice village.....très beau village....Très belle architechture....nice stucture...Look at this view ! Regardez cette vue !This is a "clin d'oeil" for my friend Pinot !We took time to pose ... on a même pris le tremps de poser....

Encore un bisse....another canal pound (??)It was a beautiful walkie...une promenade magnifique ! Avant de rentrer on a encore joué......before we had to leave we had a "bitey face"...Woooohooooo ! Dyos and Taky had a discussion in the sun.... I don't know what they were talking about......A Welsh's story ??

Taky, see you in two weeks ! Taky, à dans deux semaines !

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Momo and Pinot a dit…

Faya!! We feel like we're watching Travel Channel!! Whoa! You guys are SO lucky to enjoy booootiful scenery!! We wish we could visit you! Our humans also want to visit vineyard!!

Momo & Pinot

Wow, I found me, I found ME!! Thank you for posting my name...heheh... I want to post this picture on our blog. Hope it's ok with you, Faya...


Asta a dit…

Quelle Magnifique scenewy!
I wishwe lived thewe and could play wif you too..Taky is so lucky that you visit...I'm suwe those Welshies awe speaking in theiw own language, hehe
smoochie bisous

Gus a dit…

Un beau dimanche d'une ville charmante. J'aime la fantaisie fontaine, et la merveilleuse vue.

(okay, now we have another smile from Veronique?)

Noah the Airedale a dit…

Faya, the scenery is sooo beautiful. I wish we lived there. Your so lucky to be able to visit Taky and look at that wonderful view.


Snowball a dit…

Those are really beautiful scenery. I thought such views can only be seen on fairy tales. You are lucky to be living in such a beautiful country.


Lorenza a dit…

Hi, Faya and Dyos!
Thanks for sharing all those beautiful pictures!
You were so lucky being there!
Kisses and hugs

Kirby a dit…

A stroll around a beautiful village and then bitey face! Ahhh, heaven! You and Dyos are having such a wonderful time with Taky. Everything is amazing looking. I can't wait till you see each other again!!!!!!

Your pal,

Boo a dit…

i have to agree with momo & pinot. it's like watching travel channel. you live in a beautiful place and this taky's hometown is absolutely gorgeous too. i'm sooooooo envy. :(

pinot has his own vineyard? LOL

wet wet licks


Simba a dit…

What a lovely place. Mummy says she would love to go there.

Simba x

Girl Girl Hamster a dit…

What a pawsome Sunday you had Faya

~ Girl girl

Maggie and Mitch a dit…

What a beautiful adventure you had, Faya! We hope you get to see Taky again soon!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Penny, Poppy & Patches a dit…

Your country is very beautiful, Faya! The bitey-face with Taky looked like fun! You better watch out for Taky and Dyos together...they might be planning something special for you!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Amber-Mae a dit…

Wow! Looks like little Dyos has grown up quite a bit huh? What an exciting you both had.

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Momo and Pinot a dit…

Hello Faya!!

We wanted to come by quickly and let you know that we just posted Pinot Noir picture we took from your blog. Thank you for your pee mail addy. It looks like this small pic fits on our blog nicely. We REALLY want to visit you!!

Have a nice day/evening!!

Momo & Pinot

Caz and Ludo the cool dude a dit…

The sun looks gorgeous and it makes me want to go on holiday some where hot.
You look like you had a great time and can definately hold a good pose.
Dyos is growing just like Otto.

Ludo the cool dude.

Molly and Taffy a dit…

A lovely weekend you all had. I expect Taky was telling Dyos how to be a good Welshie boy. Taffy

Faya how is life with a little Welsh brother? Has he demonstrated any bossiness yet??? Molly xx

Agatha and Archie a dit…

Ohhhhhhhhh what a beautifull place! How we wish we could have wlaked with you!!! Do you thnk they are talking in Welsh??Love A+A

Willow the Black Dale a dit…

Thank you so much Faya for dropping by and helping us say good-bye to Gretta. The hoomans won't stop leaking from their eyes. So I have a lot of licking to do on my end.
The puppies are 3 days old. They will have to be hand fed. There is another dale who just had 4 pups who is helping out with the feedings. We are all amazed at her loving spirit on taking in these 12 orphans.
love to you all,

the 4 Bs a dit…

hi Faya, that was a beautiful village where you visited. and did we see you splashing in some water? wow! you were really having some wild fun.


Molly and Taffy a dit…

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How To Make Puppy Pie

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1 pinch correction....

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2 cups praise and 1 1/2 cups fun...

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Steve a dit…

C belle la-bas, bien sur! J'suis tres jaloux t'as beaucoup de la chance.