samedi 21 mars 2009

300ème post ! Post number 300 !!!!

Spring is here to celebrate our post number 300 !......Le printemps est là pour fêter notre 300ème post ! Ah comme c'est bon de se dorer au soleil.....It is important to have a nice suntan......and it is better with a nice woodstick....encore meilleur avec un bâton....Do you remember the kennel Véronique wished to built for us ? Vous vous souvenez de la niche que Véronique voulait nous contruire ? The man said it would be stupid to spend money for a kennel if we won't use it... First he wants to know if we would like to go in it....L'Homme trouve bête de dépenser des sous pour une niche alors qu'il n'est pas certain qu'on l'utilise..... He decided to recycle the old table.....Il a décidé de recycler la vielle table....Les travaux ne sont pas finis.....Work is not finished .....

But we decided to celebrate ! The spring, the kennel and this 300th post....Mais on a décidé de fêter : le printemps, la niche, et ce 300ème post....

Dyos and IDyosMe

Talking about Dyos...did I told you he is mad ? En parlant de Dyos, je vous ai déjà dit qu'il est fou ? Voici la is the proof...

Thank you so much for reading my blog and leaving so nice messages. Merci de lire mon blog et de laisser de gentils messages !

35 commentaires:

Mason Dixie a dit…

I would be mad too with all that loud noise. And congrats on 300! That is way exciting and you got special treats. Have a great Day. =)

Jake of Florida a dit…

First felicitations!!! 300 posts is BEAUCOUP!!!

Second, we do not think Dyos is fou -- if he is, then so are we because we would do exactly the same thing. The blower is like the vacuum and we know we must kill it whenever it is turned on in our presence.

We think the recycled table is a great idea -- we always like to scooch under the table to have a safe observation point. It should work!!!

Lots of wirey kisses, most of them for Faya and Veronique, but a few sniffs for Dyos too!!!
Jake and Just Harry

Noah the Airedale a dit…

300 posts.....bravo Faya.
That table is a very good idea. I like to go under the table at my Nonna's house.
I think Veronique should build you the kennel. B built us one and I use it all the time. So does Willow.
I think Dyos is brave. I would run away from that noisy machine.

Noah xx

Lacy a dit…

w00f's Faya and Dyos, did me wish u happy barkday, me forgot...anyway hope u had a nice one and u have many many more barkdays...congrats on ur 300th post..

b safe,

Persephone and Buster a dit…

dyos... you're a little attack dog! whoa boy ;o]]]
300 posts! that's pretty amazing that you've done almost one a day for a year....i guess it'll take us quite a while to get that many behind us -- we will work on that!
nice kennel spot too, for you to hide'll be nice when the sun is hot.
have fun,
theBUSTER, Ms.Persephone & Ms.Blue too!

Gus a dit…

Happy 300 Faya. Your new photo is great, but you look a bit tired. Putting up with Dyos is a bit tiring, no? Here is looking at a few thousand more posts with the two of you bringing happiness to the world.


Molly and Taffy a dit…

Congratulations on your 300th post Faya.

Isn't it great that Spring has arrived. Our hoomans spent the day in the garden today so we gnawed our bones and watched them working.

Happy weekend.

Molly and Taffy xx

Lorenza a dit…

Hi, Faya and Dyos!
Congratulations on your 300th Post!
Dyos is so brave barking at that thing!
Kisses and hugs

Thor a dit…

Faya and Dyos,
Congrats on your 300!


Josh and Jess a dit…

Woohoo, 300 posts!!! And we've enjoyed ready every one of them. Here's to the next 300!!!

Nelly a dit…

Le coup de la niche, ahahahah, je m'attendais à tout mais pas à celle là. Trop fastoche la solution,alolà, ma Véronique tu nous a eu. C'est ça rigole derrière ton écran..... Tu as l'amitié de Josianne et Fernand avec qui j'ai passé un après-midi de jeudi formidable. Nostalgie, nostaligie. Bisous, bon dimanche.

Georgeous a dit…

I am sOOoo loving that the flamingo made it to your banner Faya!
I think the open planned kennel will be much more suitable for keeping guard on the garden (and the man filling in your digging, you will spy him easier in an open planned sunshade). Nice to see you working on your tan without a bikini...*blush*
Tell Dyos he has much to learn about hooman appliances.

Maggie and Mitch a dit…

Congratulations on your 300 post, Faya! Ice cream is the perfect way to celebrate!
Dyos sure doesn't like that vacuum!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lucia a dit…

Ciao Faya e Dyos!

Trecento posts!!! Congratulazioni, miei amici! ! I think you deserve that yummy gelato!

Dyos, someone was using a leaf blower machine in my yard yesterday, and I didn't like it either. I barked A LOT! It blew away all of my lovely leaves and made SO much noise! Booooo!!

Your new recycled kennel looks very cozy! I love to sleep under a table or chair, too -- it feels very safe and snug!

Tanti baci!

the 4 Bs a dit…

hi Faya & Dyos, congratulations on your 300 postings. that is quite a proud achievement.

you have a lot to celebrate. we are happy for you. we would like to join your celebration.


Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place a dit…

300 POSTS!!!!!!



And Dyos was behaving in a perfectly sensible fashion...I attack things like that's my job!

Love and 300 kisses!!

Gross Biscuits!

Lacie, Scruffy and Stan

Asta a dit…

Bwava! et Bwavo!!1
Congwatulations on thwee hundwed posts to make us smile and see into youw bootiful lives!
Thank you fow being my fwiends!!
You cewtainly know how to celebwate in style!!! avec les glaes!niammmmmmmmmm
I think dyos had a vewy sensible any clevew little tewwiew, hehehhe
I think La table is excellent until you get a mowe pawmenent kennel outside..i'ts a nice place to wepos en l'aiw
smoochie bisous to all of you

Taky a dit…

eh ben dis donc ... ça en fait des choses à raconter ... 300 post !!!

vivement les 300 prochains ...

Grosse léchouille

Phébus a dit…

Un grand plaisir de suivre vos "aventures" :-) papouilles

Bae Bae a dit…

Happy 300 post Faya and Dyos. :)
How nice that you get treats!

~ Bae

Simba and Jazzi a dit…


Simba and Jazzi xxx

Rufus a dit…

Good job Dyos! But the nozzle is large, scarcy.
Momma broke ours by sucking up a beer can, hahaha, litter the lawn with that...
Drunk uprights.

Atome a dit…

Toujours aussi gourmande hein...?
Dit moi, comment ce fait-il que tu ne sois pas encore inscrite a Zanibook ?
Une occasion de retrouver SAG le labrador de l'association !

Avec cette arrivée du printemps je vous espère en bonne forme !

J'ai toujours des pensées pour vous même si je partage rarement vos aventures, vous êtes dans mon coeur c'est le principal.

Avec toute mon amitié,
bons bisous d'Atome !

Fred a dit…

Bon anniversaire! (Is that right? heehee)

Stanley a dit…

Congratulations, my sweet sissy Faya!

We are so proud of you! We may never get up to 300 posts. We have loved getting to know you and getting to see your bootiful fuzz face (and Dyos), especially your muddy black nosey! Thanks for sharing your celebration with us.

It looks to me like you and Dyos would use the kennel if THE Man builds it. (Was DYos sticking his nose through the fence?)

LOVE YOU & lots of goober smooches,

Pee Ess
Stella is just like Dyos if my girl turns on the vacuum cleaner.

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie a dit…

Best wishes on your 300th blog! What a great accomplishment! We are still pretty new at this, but hope to have 100 some day.
Smooches, BabyRD & Hootie

ps-Dyos looks a lot like Hootie!! Hootie's 1st birthday is May 6th.

Jack & Cie a dit…

Merci à toi pour ces 300 posts, on se régale à chaque fois !
becs Jack

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