dimanche 25 novembre 2007

A busy Sunday.... Un dimanche chargé

Aujourd'hui pendant que Véronique était au marché de Noël avec Nelly et Nini moi j'ai travaillé très dur avec l'Homme. Today while Véronique went on a Christmas market with Nelly and Nini, I worked hard with my dad.
Great job ! Du bon boulot non ? En rentrant Véronique m'a apporté un nouveau tapis. Vous le verrez mieux quand j'aurai décidé de m'enlever de dessus. Véronique buyed me this nice little carpet....I will show it to you later...

Sinon j'ai fait faire un strip-tease à un bonhomme de neige et c'était très bon. And I helped a Snowman doing a strip-tease and it was very yummy....

oui oui.... très très bon. Oh yes, very yummy.....
(Véronique : ok, she had her own treats while I was eating the chocolate. Elle a avait ses propres cui-cui pendant que je mangeais le chocolat...chuuuut)

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4xBs a dit…

hi Faya, did you eat that snowman? was it chocolate? are you okay?

your house looks very festive with holiday decorations. you and your dad did a good job.

we're kind of worried about that chocolate though.


Asta a dit…

You and youw Daddi did a gweat job..we haven't decowated yet..I just wote my lettew to Santa today, I have to post it1
was Santa delicious?does that mean he can't come to my house??
smoochie kisses

Nini Pixel a dit…

Wouaouwwww quel boulot....
C'est splendide ta déco Faya...
T'as bien mérité le strip du tit Père Noël en choc... de chez Camille Bloc ??? ;o)

Et ce tapis made in Nini's Land ???

Nini Pixel a dit…

Pffff me faut des lunettes c'est un bonhomme de neige pas un Père Noël... n'importe quoi Nini...

Persephone & Buster a dit…

Le bonhomme de neige magique et disparaissant...

Bon travail!

Sephie & Buster

Maggie & Mitch a dit…

No way did you eat that chocolate snowman, Faya! You're smarter than that!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Snowball a dit…

Faya, you did such a great job at decorating your home.

I trust Veronique to know that dog can't have human chocolate so I guess if its something that she will let you eat, it must be made of Carob. Am I right? Please tell me that I am.


Noah the Airedale a dit…

Hi Faya,
Was that chocolate?? Eeeeep!!!
Or was it carob, that is much safer for us dogs.
It did look rather yummy though.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy

Stanley a dit…

Sweet Faya!

You & your dad did a great decorating job on your house. (Want to come to my house & get us ready for Christmas?)

Glad to hear that Gooberique was the chocolate eater. I never knew candy snowmen could strip.

Goober love,

Nelly a dit…

Merci Faya de m'avoir prêté Véronique hier.Dit,vous en avez fait du boulot pendant l'absence de la maîtresse de maison.Aujourd'hui, c'est à mon tour de m'y mettre.Truftrufs et bisous.

Maggie a dit…

i want the chocolateeeee...!!:(
but i know we cant right..

Girl Girl Hamster a dit…

Oh Faya, you strip the snowman. hee I bet he's yummy

~ Girl girl

Amber-Mae a dit…

Wow, lovely decos in your house! My mommy is going to decorate the outside of our house after her examination of Thursday.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Harry a dit…

Salut Faya. Ca va? Je vais t'envoyer un cadeau aujourd'hui!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Putter a dit…

WOW! Faya!

Goodest ever work decorating! :)))))

How are your hippis feeling?

Talk to you soonest!

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

Boo a dit…

faya, i really thought you ate the chocolate!!! lol luckily veronique clarify it for us.

wet wet licks


jaffeboy a dit…

Wow, your house looks beautiful!

Gus a dit…

Faya, muzzer wants to know if you do international consults? We haven't even found the boxes yet! Last night when the people came for dinner, we couldn't even get the Christmas dishes down because something else was in the way. We need help here, please.

And if you can't come, send chocolate!


Asta a dit…

ma chere Faya
J'espere que la pere Noel mene resiste pas,hehehe
I'm glad you liked my list..I wowwy about ouw fwiends, and want nothing mowe than evewyone's health and happiness! I have so much!
smoochie kisses

Momo & Pinot a dit…

hahahahaha... Snowman is gone!
I am glad you had your own treat while Chocolate was mysteriously gone!

Momo xoxo