vendredi 23 novembre 2007

J'aime pas les narcoses... I hate narcosis....

Après on a la tête dans le c... et les yeux qui pendouillent et une vraie tronche de cake non ?

After the narcosis look at me.... I look like Frankenstein....with my red eyes....

Now it is 10 pm and I want to play !
Maintenant il est 22h00 et je veux jouer !

12 commentaires:

Snowball a dit…

Poor Faya, being drugged...:P I am happy to know that you are back to playing again.


Gus a dit…

Faya...We are glad to see you up and playing again, and the eyes will clear up by morning.


Bogart a dit…

Faya, you still look GORGEOUS to me!!!


Asta a dit…

I'm sowwy you had to be dwugged, but it will weaw off...the main thing is you found out NO DYSPLASIA!!!
I'm so vewy happy I was pwaying and cwossing my wowked!
welieved smoochie bisous

Amber-Mae a dit…

Oh, I've never been drugged before but it must be a funny feeling to feel very drowsy. You look much happier when you're back to yourself again!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Harry a dit…

Je suis tres heureux qu'il n'y a pas de dysplasie!

Cassidy aime jouer a 22h aussi. Moi, je prefere dormir!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Stanley a dit…

Sweet Faya!

You look all woozy in that first photo, but you look like your playful girlie self in that last one. (Cute doggie stuffy there)!

Goober love,

Asta a dit…

My Sweet Faya!
I hope youw nawcotics have wown off and you'we feeling bettew!!!
I'm glad to know you also have a good tummy to west on! We'we lucky! and best of all I got to become fwiends with you!!! what a gweat life!
smoochie kisses

k_sandra a dit…

Et alors c'était quoi ?

Boo a dit…

faya, i'm so glad to hear you don't have any problem with your legs. THANK DOG! our prayer help! LOL

wet wet licks


Cannelle a dit…

coucou faya, c'est génial que tu n'ai rien. grosse papouille Laurence

trop contente pour toi. léchouille cannelle

Lenny a dit…

Faya, what is narcosis? It doesn't sound like any fun.

Your friend, Lenny