mardi 18 mars 2008

Merci so much ASTA !!!

Encore des cadeaux !!!! More gifts !!!!! Today I received one from my friend Asta from New-York....Aujourd'hui j'en ai reçu un de mon amie Asta de New-York.

Waouw !!

No more excuses ! Now I can take it (the corn) in the garden. One for inside and one for outside the house. Na ! When I received the first one from Maggie & Mitch Véronique said : no no no not outside...héhé now I can !!!! Plus d'excuses. Maintenant que j'ai un deuxième épis de maïs j'ose en prendre un dehors (Véronique ne voulait pas quand je n'en avais qu'un)....héhéAnd this nice red shoe ! It squeaks ! Le mignon petit soulier rouge fait "couic-couic"....

J'aime tous ces beaux cadeaux....là je m'éclate ça se voit non ? It is so much fun !

Et même Véronique a eu droit à son cadeau. Even Véronique received something. Look how beautiful it is !!! C'est magnifique !!!

Une petite vidéo pour finir.....

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9 commentaires:

Gus a dit…

Oh my...we hope you enjoy the corn. Muzzer promises to look for them, but she has not "found" them. We surely know Tanner Stains loves his.


Harry a dit…

Encore des cadeaux!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Maggie & Mitch a dit…

I guess Asta was on the same wave length that we were! You won't be sorry that you have 2 of them, Faya! Mitch just LOVES his and he won't even let me near it to try it out! Love the shoe stuffy and even your mom got a little something! Asta is just so sweet!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Thor a dit…

Hi Faya!
You got nice pressies from your friend Asta! She´s so cool!


nelly a dit…

Pouic, pouic, te voilà contente Faya, tu vois Véronique n'est pas rancunière.Qui que c'est qui a rebouché le trou ? Bisous et truftrufs.

Noah the Airedale a dit…

Oooh we like seeing you on video Faya. Ask Veronique to film you more often for us. You had some lovely presents.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

Stanley a dit…

Faya Girl!

The celebration continues...

Asta loves you, so of course, you received amazing prezzies from her! Congratulations on receiving your 2nd corn!

In the video I can't see your face, but I *can* see your eyebrows, and they look HAPPY!

Goober love & more birthday smooches,

Asta a dit…

I'm so glad you finally got youw package..I'm sowwy it was late!! You awe vewy welcome sweet Faya..I hope you have a good time with it, and I hope Vewonique likes hew little cadeaux too
smoochie bisous

Amber-Mae a dit…

Great stuff you got there! I can see how much you like your shoe stuffie...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer