jeudi 11 septembre 2008

Me, my new collar....and a dinner with George ! Moi, mon nouveau collier et un dîner avec George !

Look at my beautiful new collar ! I think I will wear it for the first time this week-end....Vous avez vu mon magnifique collier ? Je pense que je vais le porter pour la première fois ce week-end...Il va bien avec ma truffe ... it matches with my nose...Parfait pour un dîner avec George.... It will be perfect for my dinner with George !

.......I feel so stupid now..... I thought there was something about a dinner on George's blog but I was wrong.....I feel like an idiot.....but I will find another occasion to wear my collar.....I will contact George Clooney....

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Molly and Taffy a dit…

Oh yes Faya

You will look extremely beautiful for your date with George.

When is it? Have we missed the announcement?

Molly and Taffy

Asta a dit…

Don't feel bad, just contact George and ask him out. it's abootiful collaw and you should show it off
you'we a giwl of this new centoowy, I'm suwe he would be thwilled
smoochie kisses

Gus a dit…

Faya: That is a beautiful collar, but George will be so dazzled by your true inner beauty that he prolly won't even notice. From his comments on other blogs, I think he is a bit nervous, so please be kind.


Noah the Airedale a dit…

George is one lucky boy to be having dinner with such a beauty. Your new collar is pawfect!

Noah xx

Maggie and Mitch a dit…

You and George will make a handsome couple at the restaurant, Faya! Are you going dancing too?

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Georgeous a dit…

Oh Faya, Please do not contact George loony. My dad made a big mistake and I have bitten his behind to teach him a lesson. He have put my dinner request to you back up on MY blog. Love George.

Scottie the 'cutie' a dit…

Wow...that is a beautiful collar indeed! I agree with Molly and will look gorgeous in it! Can't wait to hear about your date with George...*grins*


Stanley a dit…

Sweet Faya Girl!

EVERYTHING looks good with your nosey! I'm sure you'll rock that collar wherever you wear it this weekend! (George Clooney WISHES he could have dinner with you.)

More juicy nosey photos please! We LOVE them!

By the way, how many collars do you have now?

Goober love & smooches,
Stanley (your honorary brother)

Molly and Taffy a dit…

Oh Faya

I am so pleased the date is back on.


Nelly a dit…

OH ! George, tu es craquant....