mardi 30 septembre 2008

Wubba is a great invention ! Le Wubba est une belle invention ! Et merci Molly & Taffy, thank you so much !

Toute la journée....all day long.....
This is so much fun !
C'est vachement cool !
Il peut même jouer couché ! He can even play lying !

When I came back from my walkie, Dyos was soooooo excited.......quand je suis rentrée de promenade, Dyos était tout éxcité....Look what he received from Molly & Taffy (his idol)....regardez ce qu'il a reçu de Molly et Taffy (son idole)....

Un drapeau du lieu de ses origines ! A flag from where he comes from (he is a Welsh Terrier....)

Thank you so much ! I can tell you he is very proud of his flag ! And he says that when he grew up he wants to be like Taffy ! Merci ! Il est très fier de son drapeau. Et il dit que quand il sera grand il veut être comme Taffy !

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BenTheRotti a dit…

aaawww how sweet of Molly and Taffy, Dyos is one very cultured pup now!

Ben xxxx

Gus a dit…

We like the Wubba here too, but we don't let Teka play with it by herself, because she has demolished quite a few (one pink, one red, one blue) But she says it is not as much fun to play with it by yourself anyway.

We think it was a great idea to send Dyos a flag from Wales. You can explain it to him when he is a bit older, and tell him how important it is.


Noah the Airedale a dit…

Oh wow what a great present...the Welsh flag....very appropriate!!
Dyos, Taffy is a very good idol but if you really want to be like Taffy you have to sharpen your teeth hee hee. My pinkies met Molly & Taffy last year and Taffy had a good chew on Bryan's boot.


Maggie and Mitch a dit…

What an awesome gift from Molly and Taffy and so appropriate!
You and Dyos looked like you were having so much fun playing tug with Wubba, Faya!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Asta a dit…

I hope I can play as well wif my little half bwuvvew when he's two awe adowable!!!!
Thank you fow the good advice Faya !
Dyos looks so mignon dwaped in his flag..Molly and taffy awe gweat wole models as awe you.

Sitka, Tia, & Cornelia Marie a dit…

Oh Dyos is so handsome! You two look like you are having so much fun together!!!

Agatha and Archie a dit…

Well what perfect role models to have..Molly and Taffy!! PL2 just wants to fly through the computer and kiss you both!!(we told her she would get stuck) Love A+A

Lorenza a dit…

Sure you two enjoy playing with your wubba!
Kisses and hugs

Persephone and Buster a dit…

Quelle bonanza! Un Wubba rouge et un drapeau gallois! Certainement, le dragon rouge représente le Kerry Blue Terrier légendaire des montagnes gallois. Ou était que l'Irlande?


Sephie & Bozo

Simba a dit…

Wubba's are great! Sadly they don't last long around here.

Simba x

Stanislaw a dit…

Wubbas look awesome! I'm putting that on my Christmas list. Maybe I'll get my brother to play with me all nice like Dyos does for you! He usually beats me up and takes my toys though...

Georgeous a dit…

Ah what an pawesome gift - the welsh flag! A great bandanna!
I've destroyed my wubba (nearly), I was intent to find the ball inside. It was the first toy I practised retrieving with - I must find the picture as I have a story for my wubber it is jaune.
Love & Kissies
George xx

Molly and Taffy a dit…

We are so pleased you like your Welsh bandana Dyos, you just need to grow a bit more and then you will be as smart as Taffy.

Happy weekend to you all.

Molly and Taffy xx