vendredi 26 septembre 2008

Who can resist to me ? Qui peux me résister ?

This is my "please-please-please-please" face....and Véronique cannot resist to it...(Véronique :'s true). Ceci est ma "alléééééééééquoiuntitbiscuit" moue. Véronique ne résiste jamais (Véronique : ....c'est vrai...)..... Je crois que Dyos est sur le bon chemin....I think Dyos is doing it great ! What do you think about this face ? Vous en pensez quoi de sa bouille ?He is growing so quick ! It's amazing.... Comme il grandit vite, c'est fou !
Quand je vous disais que ce vert fluo ne m'allait pas ! Même Dyos est de mon avis. I told you this colour is horrible on me.... even Dyos doesn't like it.....

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Lacy a dit…

w00f's Faya and Dyos, heehee dats a cute picksur, him tryin to get that off of u...and yess he is growing very fast, and a cutie too, but so is u..

b safe,

Willow the Black Dale a dit…

You didn't leave us!! Woo hoo. We are so happy. Yes Dyos is growing so fast. We LOVE you.
Willow and family

Deetz a dit…

That was funny dyos pulling on your shirt...I think you look great in green...I could not resist those faces either...whatever you want you got it, with that face

Deetz a dit…

can you ship a Dyos like you did the pigs? if you can, I want one.

Gus a dit…

Ah Faya...muzzer says she cannot resist your face, but with Dyos, eh, perhaps. You have it down to an art, he is just learning a bit.

I think he is jealous of your green coat because it shows how much Veronique loves you.

besos, etc.

Asta a dit…

I suwe can't wesist youw Dyos fow that mattew..the two of you awe pawfect!
I agwee wif Dyos, that colow doesn't bwing out youw gowgeous colow enough..but honestly, you look good in anything
smoochie bisous

Lorenza a dit…

Hi, Faya and Dyos!
I like the picture of your header. The Faya-Dyos Mobile!
Yes, Dyos is growing very fast!
Kisses and hugs

Stanley a dit…


It's scary how much Dyos follows your every move and how easily he learns all the tricks you have. Gooberique doesn't stand a chance with 2 cute fuzzy faces staring at her.

I know you don't like that green thing, but we don't want some hunter mistaking you for a deer or anything! Be careful out there!

Goober love & smooches,

Persephone and Buster a dit…

Dyos semble être la personnification de méfait. Manifestement, le vert n'est pas sa couleur préférée!

Nous sommes très friands de bleu, de nous-mêmes ...


Sephie & Buster

Noah the Airedale a dit…

No way everything looks great on you Faya, even the bright green.

Dyos sure is growing fast. He is a sweetie pie.

Noah xx

Anonyme a dit…

Maybe Dyos doesn't like the colour of your vest. And that is the reason why he is pulling out your vest...
He really is growing fast.
My life is so boring that I don't even want to eat that smoked pig ear which Jane gave to me....

BenTheRotti a dit…

You and Dyos have got those faces to perfection! who could resist?? not me thats for sure!

I think that colour looks good on you.. but then again i think any colour would look good on you!

Have a great weekend,

Ben xxxx

Hercules a dit…

Looks like you two had lots of fun. I am glad you are doing such a good job teaching Dyos everything that cutie needs to know. I can't believe how fast he is growing! What a cute fuzz-butt!

Love, Herc

Maggie and Mitch a dit…

That color looks great on you,Faya! Dyos is just jealous and wants it for himself!
Dyos is just too cute!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch