mardi 2 octobre 2007

Bienvenue Harry ! Welcome Harry !

This is for you Harry : a piece of Switzerland.....
Rien que pour toi Harry : un petit air de la Suisse....

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k_sandra a dit…

Hé je savais pas que tu avais un nouvel espace pour tes aventures !
tu te plais plus chez les bleus ? Marre des schtroumpfs ?

Snowball a dit…

That is a very nice welcome you have for Harry.

I hope I could go to switzerland to see your country and all the cows and goats. I bet you must be getting lots of milk everyday... Yum yum... We luv milk and cheese.


Asta a dit…

C'est parfait! I could smell the fwesh aiw and heaw the biwdies..Hawwy will feel vewy happy to heaw that!
It's a lovely welcome!
youwe a sweetie!
smoochie kisses

Maggie & Mitch a dit…

What a nice welcome, Faya! Harry is getting TONS of nice welcomes! He must feel pretty special!

Love ya lots,

Momo :) a dit…

Very sweet post, Faya!!
and... I am happy to learn you and Harry share the same birfday!! :)

Momo xoxo

Girl Girl Hamster a dit…

That's such a pawsome song to welcome Harry. :)

~ Girl girl

Gus a dit…

Oh, I can feel the cool air and smell the mountains. I am sure Harry feels welcome. You two should have your barkday pawty together, maybe we could have a progressive party and stop to visit marvin and loui and.....

Amber-Mae a dit…

Errrr... are the cows real? Nice song! Wish to go to Switzerland some day. Bet it's a very cold place!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Jackson a dit…

What a nice welcome for Harry! J x

Atome a dit…

Bonjour Faya,
Ca fait drôle te te trouver ici, nous avons partagés tant d'aventures ensemble "la-bas"..
J'ai vite-vite glissé ton lien sur SAG qui ne t'oubliera pas dans ses pages,
Papouilles tristouille d'Atome pour vous deux et a tout bientôt ici et ailleurs.


Harry a dit…

Bonjour Faya!

Merci, merci. I must practice my francais. I know Oscar learned it very well.

No wonder he loved you so much, you are very belle!


Harry x