mardi 23 octobre 2007

Snow-ball-fight- 2007 - 2008

You have just been hit with a blog snow ball!
It's the start of.....
Snow Ball Fight 2007!!
& 2008!!

One rule to this game....
You can NOT hit someone who has already hit you!
go out there and get as many people as you can,
before they get you!
I got you first! and you can't get me back!
Nanee - Nanee - Nanee!
We do not stop playing because we grow old;
we grow old because we stop playing.
hihihihi.....kisses, Faya

2 commentaires:

Maggie & Mitch a dit…

Hey Faya! You got REAL snow so you really can throw them!
Duck, Faya! It's comin' at ya!

Love ya lots,

Asta a dit…

I'm hitting you hehehehe..I'm stocking up on a whole bunch of snowbalss
smoochie kisses