vendredi 11 juillet 2008

Dure journée pour le facteur ! Hard day for the postman !

I love my postman....look what he had to carry for me ! J'aime le facteur ! Regardez tout ce qu'il m'a apporté !The first one is from my dear Snowball....for my Véronique....(Véronique loves singaporian food...). I think she will be fat again soon....Le premier est de mon amie Snowball pour Véronique (qui aime les spécialités de Singapore)....Je crois qu'elle va reprendre du poids......The second one is from Mr. T-Bone Beasley ! He heard that it is sooooo hard to find peanut butter in Switzerland. He decided to send me some....Le deuxième est de Monsieur T-Bone Beasley. Il a entendu qu'en Suisse il était difficile de trouver du vrai beurre de cacahuète qu'il a décidé de m'en envoyer.... Maybe my Véronique is not the only one who will put on some extra weight....Véronique ne sera peut-être pas la seule à prendre du poids....But it is so good ! Mais c'est si bon ! MIAM MIAM !!!!Mr. Beasley please tell Véronique to stay away from MY peanut butter !

And which WFT is digging in my garden?

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Mr. T-Bone Beasley a dit…

FAYA!!! Yay!!! You got the peanut butter! My human would be more than happy to take a picture of a kong for you! She was gonna send one with all the peanut butter, but she thought you had one already!

The kongs are usually red or black, and they look like a little bee hive with a hole at the top and at the bottom.

If you cant find one in Switzerland let my know, I will get my human on that stat!

Tell your Veronique to make some peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches with the peanut butter, its sooooo good!

Also, I was suppose to be a litter of 11. There was a bacterial infection, so me and my 2 other siblings were the only ones to survive. We were born a week I was born on my humans birthday!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Deetz a dit…

Look at all that peanut butter. Wow
Beasley is the greatest. He is by bestest friend ya know.
I have never had peanut butter but I asked my mum since I have been good if she would get me some and she said she would. You have a wonderful weekend too Faya. The new piggy's will be finding a home real soon and will post when I sent them off to their new homes.
Paw Hugs

the 4 Bs a dit…

hi Faya, your mailman was very good to deliver two packages to you. you got some really good stuff. Snowball and Mr. Beasley are such thoughtful friends.


BrandytheGreat a dit…

Mm, yummy food for the both of you!!! and 4 bottles of peanut butter??? Wow..

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! a dit…

Oh Faya... those are pawsome pressies. I love the box of peanut butter, yummmmm.

Maggie & Mitch a dit…

hehehehe - We're so glad that you got peanut butter, Faya! So how do you LOVE it??!! What a pal Mr. T-Bone Beasley is! Snowball sent some pretty yummy looking goodies too! Save some for your new baby brother!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lacy a dit…

w00f's Faya, yummmmmies, u got peanut never tried it, but me will mama and daddy gots sum here..

b safe,

Gus a dit…

OK, since the postman is a hooman and Veronique is a hooman, I think she should share her singaporian food with him. Ahem. That way you can keep your PB and say thank you also.


Gus a dit…

OK, since the postman is a hooman and Veronique is a hooman, I think she should share her singaporian food with him. Ahem. That way you can keep your PB and say thank you also.


Thor a dit…

You got all that peanut butter??
I never tried it, but it looks so good!!
I hope you have a great weekend!


Boo a dit…

faya, u have to wait for another 7 weeks? that's so long! anyway, you better enjoy your live being the one and only for the moment.

wet wet licks


Snowball a dit…

Faya, I am glad that you have received the package. Did the postman deliver the returned package you send to me too?

We have JIF peanut butter here too. I have never tried it before thou. Those stuff Mr. T-Bone Beasley are simply pawesome!


Nelly a dit…

Que de bonnes choses par chez toi. Tu as à nouveau un os à ronger.Et pis pour Véronique, aie aie, les tartines. truftrufs , bisous et bon WE.

Bogart a dit…

Looks yummy... I haven't had peanut butter yet, hoping to try some soon!!!


Simba a dit…

So many great gifts. What wonderful friends you have.

Simba x

Lorenza a dit…

Hi, Faya!
You and Veronique got yummy presents!
We have peanut butter here but my mom does not give it to me very often! Diets! Diets!
Kisses and hugs

Stanley a dit…


I think that T-Bone is sweet on you! He's such a good Aireboy, and he sends great presents just like you do! Is he your second honorary brother?

Enjoy the peanut butter! It's the best stuff!

And, that Princess Snowball is the sweetest girlie to think of your Gooberique. Tell Gooberique to pace herself with that Singaporean food.

Goober love & smooches,